You have no idea how long I’ve waited for someone to STATE THE DAMN OBVIOUS

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pretty sure everybody is just as excited as I am.

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"The sword has accepted you as its master…"

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[[Have some yordles I don’t draw as often while I figure out how rito’s lore dingdongs affect my blog

My condolences to any summoner blogs out there, but don’t worry! I’m sure we’ll figure something out!]] 


kiss #6:on the lips (cute), Maybe????

used the wonderful outfits from the graphic novel covers of volume 3 and 4.

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requested by thelegendofsarah

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finally hung my lights above my bed!!


こまむろ on Twitter: 学生ならば帰りにコンビニ寄ろうぜ

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"You’re the one who doesn’t understand! What dream? What future? It’s you who cares about all that! I’m not you!"

Free! Eternal Suffering Summer Ep. 9
Haruka Nanase by Jin (behindinfinity)

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I find Fi easy to draw and I like her color scheme. It’s a win-win